The Gazette Image Library has been developed for use by Partners. We have strict copyright agreements with our photographers so you need to agree to the Conditions of Use below before proceeding further.

Conditions of Use for the Gazette Image Library

The copyright of photographs in the Image Library is owned by the individual photographers, not by the Partnership. The images may only be used to promote the John Lewis Partnership. They may be used in internal and, with permission, external publications. They may also be used on the Partner intranet and in any presentations (for both internal and external audiences). If in doubt, please contact the Gazette Art Editor. Photographs may also be made available for Press and PR usage when required, with prior permission.

Under no circumstances must Gazette commissioned photography be used on social media sites (Facebook etc). This includes branch held/managed social media. As images posted on these sites can be downloaded or reposted without permission, of the Gazette or the photographer, there is potential for breaking the photographic contract signed by both parties.

Policy on the use of Partner photos

Images of Partners form an integral part of the way we communicate our business – in our internal magazines and intranet as well as on our corporate website and in publications for external audiences. This policy outlines our commitment to a fair and responsible use of a Partner’s image.

As far as possible, the necessary permission will be sought before any photos are taken of Partners in the work environment. For example, the Head of Branch/Branch Manager’s permission will be sought before any photos are taken in a branch.

Any Partner can object to being photographed. We will always respect this position, provided we are advised accordingly. It is the individual Partner’s responsibility to advise the photographer if they object to being photographed.

The images will generally be taken by an external photographer, commissioned by the Gazette Art Editor and stored on the Gazette Image Library.

Partners’ consent to be photographed will be understood as consent for the image to be retained in the Image Library, and used internally and externally, as explained above. The Gazette Art Editor will authorise all requests to use the images from the Library.

Where the shot is of an individual or two Partners, the photographer will record the name of the individual as well as their place of work and these will be included in the Gazette Image Library.

Names may not be included for group shots of more than two Partners. The image will be dated in all cases and images over two years old will not be available via the image library.

Partners can change their mind at any time regarding the use of any archived images. The Partner should contact the Gazette Art Editor who will authorise its removal from the image library.

Every attempt will be made to ensure that photos of Partners who leave the business are removed from the Image Library.